Our Studio

DANZhouse has been dancing with and sculpting our clients for over 15 years. We are located in Tinton Falls NJ, inside of the Dance Mixx Studio, and we are the only boutique gym offering more than 25 unique exercise classes, available 7 days a week. In addition to our weekly classes, our studio offers challenges, workshops, and social events to keep clients motivated and connected. So come check us out! We’d love to see another familiar face on the dance floor.

Workshops + Danzpop Classes

We are committed to continuously offering our clients unique and fun dance and exercise experiences. That’s why DANZhouse fitness offers a variety of different workshops & pop up classes throughout the year. These pop up classes include, fitness classes at onsite locations, guest teachers, celebratory trainers, and different genres of dance classes.

Danzhouse offers up a passionate dance fitness program that focuses on technique and conditioning, while you’re having the time of your life. Come check us out!


“I must say, the instructors and the entire Shrewsbury Danzhouse staff is so fantastic.  Not only are the instructors awesome but I am in awe of their skills.  They are so professional, motivating and caring for every DH member.  In addition, Joanne and Jackie really take the studio to heart!  Throughout this pandemic, they were able to stay open with limited clientele and were so very focused on keeping all of us dancers safe.  They also have such exceptional business sense, as we were able to still come to class outdoors when all other facilities were closed down.  This is only a small example of how these two unbelievable women run their business.  I must speak for all when I say that every member really enjoys coming to the studio!”

Roseann C.

“My time at the studio keeps me sane, fit, healthy, and laughing. But mostly sane. Love you guys!”

Cara M.

“I used to have so much joint pain in neck, knees, hips – for years. Since starting dance and eliminating my past workouts with heavier weights and repetitiveness on different workout machines, I’ve been free of pain and in better shape. I’ve been so grateful for your workouts!”


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Find us at Dance Mixx Studio • 31 Park Rd, Tinton Falls, NJ 07724