DanzEnergy is a vibrant, sexy workout that teaches dance technique, fun routines & high energy cardio moves. It’s a fun class that incorporates all styles of dance including jazz and hip hop. When you take DanzEnergy you’ll feel vibrant and sexy as you melt the calories away. Everyone can excel at this class-open to all levels.


Formally known as Yollet- this Yoga inspired Ballet class incorporates toning and fitness elements to a fun playlist. While increasing your heart rate, this class will incorporate a more technical aspect which includes ballet moves like plies and chasses, as well as yoga poses like chair, triangle, and balance. No mat necessary and this class is suggested to be done barefoot.


This class will combine all styles such as Danzvibe, DanzEnergy, DanzSculpt and DanzSpice all-in-one. Stretch, shake, & sculpt. Danzhouse will transform your body while the playlist keeps you motivated.


Our latin inspired class will get you shaking to some on your favorite latin dance moves including cumbia, cha cha and salsa. Similar to our Danzenergy class will a high energy, sexy playlist- this class is a fun non stop dancing .


Easy to follow, high-impact choreography, with strengthening elements found in each routine. Tone, define and sculpt with strong focus on the arms and abs. Feel the burn as you dance to the beat! This class includes the use of weights, resistance bands, and barre exercises.


The first half of class focuses on getting the heart rate up! Dance & sweat to some high energy routines! The second half of class is all barre work. The focus is on the lower body. This class helps develop strength and flexibility from the ankles up through the calves, thighs & glutes!