This sexy, high-energy, calorie-busting workout includes all styles of dance, such as jazz and hip hop. You’ll break a sweat and have a blast doing it.


This high-intensity, full-body class delivers on the cardio you’re looking for and includes different dance styles plus jumping jacks, squats, and other heart pumping moves.


This class combines yoga and ballet techniques for a unique workout that tones the body with every dance step. No mat needed and we suggest you take class barefoot.


This latin-inspired, high-energy class will get you shaking to some of our favorite music, while doing dance moves like cumbia, the cha-cha, and salsa.


Tone, define, and sculpt with this easy-to-follow, high-impact class that includes choreography, with strengthening elements found in each routine. This class focuses mostly on arms and abs and includes weights, resistance bands, and barre exercises.


This class combines our dance classes, including DanzVibe, DanzEnergy, DanzSculpt, and DanzSpice all into one fast-paced class. You’ll stretch, shake, and sculpt.


Each week, we implement new choreographed dances into our classes. This is the class to take if you want to learn these new dances. We break down the new choreography, move-by-move, so our clients are ready to go.


This class is combination of Barre and Pilates and is just what you need to tone and sculpt your entire body. Both methods focus on movements that develop specific muscles

Pop Up Classes

We’re always including new and exciting pop up classes for both adult and kids. For adults, we offer different types of classes, including Danzpop, Open Jazz, Hip Hop, and Lyrical classes. And for the little ones, we offer creative movement classes for the younger kids and boys hip hop and lyrical classes.

Various Kids Classes

Do your kids want to dance but maybe you’re not looking for the full dance studio commitment? Our kid dance classes may be right for you. Our weekly dance classes teach your kids the latest dance trends in a laid back environment. Classes include hip hop & technique for kids, for ages 7-12. We also offer a low key competition group for the student who wants to have more performance experience.

Yoga Stretch

Slow your flow with this deep stretch yoga class. It’s a great way to loosen up that tight body and improve your flexibility and overall well being. You’ll feel the benefits of this class from head to toe.

Private Sessions

Are you looking to take your fitness to the next level? Our private training sessions can help you meet your fitness goals and mix things up! Bring some friends too, for a small group session.