How is it 10:15pm? Tuesday past by too quickly. I didn’t meet all of my goals but tomorrow I’ll try harder. Today I made too many excuses not to finish my to do list (It’s raining, I got my hair done, it’s only Tuesday). I’m looking forward to Wednesday and I’ll give myself another chance.


KASSography was a blast! Lately I’ve setup this class by running 6-8 routines in the same style as the new dance. Today we started with Hip-Hop dances then I taught Confidence by Chris Brown.  The clients picked up the new routine faster and there was great energy in the room.


Breakfast 7AM

Same smoothie as Monday.

Lunch 2:30PM (2 hrs too late)

Kale, sweet potato and chicken salad from Healthy Palate. Jen the owner provides the right amount of dressing. Everything is low sodium to help with inflammation. Beet Juice that was hard to drink.

Snack 3:30PM


Dinner 6:30PM

Opa’s homemade chicken soup. Water with all meals.



2nd day of eating really well and no wine. Cheers!


Today around 5PM while AJ was at an activity I relaxed. I took out my Yoga Mat, played good music and stretched for 25 minutes. I took a little time to breath and it felt really good.